#263-258: Animals that are very happy now...

Request NumberAnimal nameSortSexStatusAnimal photoCountryAdditional informationPrice [EUR]SupplierCreatedLast modifiedNeutering date
345SammydogmaleStrayBULGARIASammy is Sunny‘s brother , as he is already a big boy a castration would be really good and helpful, we would be grateful for any support 💙 40Breed Love2023-11-28 15:46:042024-02-19 14:47:432024-02-19
363QueenycatfemaleStrayBULGARIAQueeny appeared not long ago in front of the building I live in and joined the cats i take care of. She has already the age to be neutered and she has some male cats admirers too so I am kindly asking for financial help so she could be neutered and have a calm life. Thank you very much! 26The cats of Dobrich2024-02-07 14:16:232024-02-14 08:18:322024/02/13
344SunnydogfemaleStrayBULGARIAThe small Sunny isn’t baby anymore .. we saved her few months ago and now she is a big great dog ready for castration, we would be really grateful for help Sunny to be neutered ♥️🫶45Breed Love2023-11-28 15:41:482024-02-13 15:59:262024-02-13
337JannacatfemaleStrayBULGARIAJanna is a neighbourhood kitty who is cared for by some good people who asked us for help with spaying her. Please donate to get her TNR :) 35TNR Bulgaria2023-10-30 10:55:022024-02-13 13:21:322023-09-26
336TitacatfemaleStrayBULGARIAThis is an old photo of Tita and one of her kittens behind her. The babies are all grown up now, and it is time to spay momma. She also has a problem with one of her eyes, which also needs to be adressed during the surgery. Please help Tita by donating for her vet expenses. 76TNR Bulgaria2023-10-30 10:52:022024-02-10 22:54:062023-09-26