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Request NumberAnimal nameSortSexStatusAnimal photoCountryAdditional informationPrice [EUR]SupplierCreatedLast modifiedNeutering date
347SuricatfemaleStrayBULGARIAThis that Suri is longhair and probably some breed mix cat doesn’t helped her to not be street cat ( or ex-home cat) .. Suri is now saved and we hope she found fast forever home. We would be grateful if someone support her castration ♥️45Breed Love2023-11-28 15:55:372024-02-23 12:13:162024-02-26
338PeanutcatmaleStrayBULGARIAPeanut is a small and very friendly cat that we found ill on the streets. We have since given him shelter and now it is time to neuter him before he is ready to be adopted.35Fluffy Paws of Bulgaria2023-11-08 10:13:432024-01-29 14:56:05-
310KaticatfemaleStrayBULGARIAWe saved Kati from the streets, where we found her with a wounded leg. We are currently treating the paw so ishe can be ready for an operation. But in the meantime she needs to be castrated as well.35Fluffy Paws of Bulgaria2023-08-25 19:34:582023-11-08 10:11:182023/12/04
254TanyadogfemaleStrayBULGARIATanya is a beautiful young dog that was rescued by a brave member of our team after she was viciously attacked by two much older and larger dogs on the streets of Balchik. Thankfully Tanya wasn't hurt and is now safe in our shelter. She is still small, but next month she will be ready for castration and a new home. 45Fluffy Paws of Bulgaria2023-04-01 18:13:072023-05-18 14:59:012023/01/06

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