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Sallycat, female, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_province, 2139 MusachevoAfter surviving FIP our Sally need also castration. She is healthy now and we not wanna babies ๐Ÿ˜ we would be grateful if someone wants support Sally ๐Ÿค—45Breed Love2023-09-26 08:27:482023-09-26 08:28:02
Bonocat, male, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_province, 2139 MusachevoOur Bono had the great chance that we saved him, as he is boy we always postpone his castration, but is time he got it too finally. We would be grateful for support โ™ฅ๏ธ40Breed Love2023-09-26 08:21:142023-09-26 08:21:32
Gorskacat, female, Stray, feralBULGARIA, Sofia_City, ะกะพั„ะธัGorska is one of the kitties who lives with Neo. It is her turn got get spayed now, and she also needs her teeth checked - as we noticed she is having trouble chewing her food. Please help by sponsoring her surgery. 56TNR Bulgaria2023-09-13 15:28:222023-09-13 15:29:59
Rossicat, female, Stray, feralBULGARIA, Sofia_City, ะกะพั„ะธัRossi is very smart and she is one of the hardest cats to catch. We have been trying literally for years, but she always manages to never show up when we are trapping and only come when we are just bringing food. Recently we managed to trap her with a lot of efforts after all this time, so we took her straight to the vet to finally get spayed. Please help our work by sponsoring her surgery. 35TNR Bulgaria2023-09-13 15:26:322023-09-13 15:29:19
Neocat, female, Stray, feralBULGARIA, Sofia_City, ะกะพั„ะธัNeo is a small neighborhood kitty who needs to be spay asap before she gets her first litter on the street. Please help by sponsoring her surgery. 40TNR Bulgaria2023-09-13 15:22:042023-09-13 15:29:09
Luckycat, male, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_province, 2139 MusachevoLucky is last one of 4 siblings that isnโ€™t adopted yet, meanwhile he is old enough for be neutered. We believe and hope that castration would increase his chances.. we look for support for our dear Lucky ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™40Breed Love2023-09-11 06:29:362023-09-11 06:30:15
Carlodog, male, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_province, 2139 MusachevoCarlo, our lovely baby finally get his chance for adoption, after he waits for home for long time. We have to neutered him before he move and weโ€™d be grateful if someone support him ๐Ÿ’™40Breed Love2023-09-11 06:27:072023-09-11 06:30:04
Voldidog, male, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_province, 2139 MusachevoOur sweet Voldi is one of the 6 babies we saved in winter.. now Voldi grow up and is time for his castration. We would be really grateful if someone support him ๐Ÿ’™40Breed Love2023-09-11 06:24:282023-09-11 06:29:53
Fusseldog, male, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_province, 2139 MusachevoOur dear Fussel grow up.. time flight and now the boy isnโ€™t the small puppy we had found few months ago.. we would be really grateful if we get support for can we pay his castration, he is big boy and we hope that soon he can have home ๐Ÿ’™40Breed Love2023-09-07 11:33:332023-09-07 11:33:51
Katicat, female, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Dobrich, BalchikWe saved Kati from the streets, where we found her with a wounded leg. We are currently treating the paw so ishe can be ready for an operation. But in the meantime she needs to be castrated as well.35Fluffy Paws of Bulgaria2023-08-25 19:34:582023-08-25 19:35:58
Miracat, female, Stray, feralBULGARIA, Sofia_City, Iztok, SofiaMira is a very smart female cat who we have been trying to catch for TNR since 2021 (these photos are from back then). 2 years later, our volunteer finally managed to get her, so we took her straight to the clinic, knowing we will not easily get this chance a second time. You can help to spay and neuter more cats like her by sponsoring their vet bills <340TNR Bulgaria2023-08-18 16:20:292023-08-18 16:21:16
Slavin dog, male, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_province, 2139 MusachevoA small cute boy we had found alone at steer few weeks ago. We would like to neutered him and look for home for him. Would you help him to get his castration? ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™40Breed Love2023-08-18 09:04:182023-08-18 09:04:41
Lorrydog, female, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_province, 2139 MusachevoLorry and her siblings we saved when we got signal for died mother and puppies around her.. was terrible but fortunately we was able to secure the babies. Now come time that Lorry need help for castration. Thank you in advance for the help ๐Ÿค—โค๏ธ45Breed Love2023-07-29 09:09:402023-07-29 09:10:05
Darlingdog, female, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_province, 2139 MusachevoOur Darling we saved as very small baby together with her siblings. Darling grown up lovely and nice dog and we hope we can get chance to neutered her. Weโ€™ll be grateful if someone donate her castration ๐Ÿค—45Breed Love2023-07-29 09:07:012023-07-29 09:09:54
Malchocat, male, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_City, Iztok, SofiaMalcho is the grown up boy of the last litter of kittens of one of the cats which we spayed with Neutering Market's help last year. Malcho is old enough to get neutered now, and it is his turn to ask for your support! Please help by sponsoring his surgery <325TNR Bulgaria2023-07-26 11:40:572023-07-26 11:43:27
Ushancat, male, Stray, feralBULGARIA, Sofia_City, Iztok, SofiaUshan is a tomcat who recently moved in with one of our colonies in which all the cats are spayed and neutered. The new boy is the only one who is not, and need help to get his neutering surgery!25TNR Bulgaria2023-07-26 11:38:032023-07-26 11:43:17
Jannycat, female, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_City, Iztok, SofiaJanny is a kitty from Roshana's colony, maybe she is her sister. Both cats live in a parking lot, next to a street which is no place for newborn kittens. Please help us spay and return them!35TNR Bulgaria2023-07-26 11:35:542023-07-26 11:43:03
Yankodog, male, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_province, 2139 MusachevoSweet Yanko we saved in very bad condition from street - hungry and miserable, now he looks better and is time to be neutered. We would be happy and grateful if someone give Yanko this opportunity ๐Ÿ’™40Breed Love2023-07-15 12:25:172023-07-15 12:25:33
Yuukidog, male, Stray, tameBULGARIA, Sofia_province, 2139 MusachevoYuuki is saved together with his siblings from fabric territory when they was babies . Now we wanna start neutered them one after one , Yuuki is the first one . Please helps us and him ๐Ÿ’™40Breed Love2023-07-15 08:01:562023-07-15 08:02:42


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