Everybody, who would like to get a (stray) cat/dog sterilized can create a request by uploading a photo of the animal and providing some contact details. Once the request is approved, it will be shown in the marketplace. People, who would like to help can pick those requests and provide the necessary funding. Once funding is available, a professional organization will carry out neutering and will upload a proof of completion.

How do I know this platform is not a scam?

I have no involvement in any of the organizations participating in this market and receiving funds. Hosting and development of the platform is done by me so I do not profit at all if you do (not) use the platform. The reason I am providing this service for you is that I am convinced that it will contribute to the improvement of animal welfare in many countries when this service is used extensively.

How do I know that the money I donated is fully spent on the animal I have selected?

You pay directly to the organization that volunteered to carry out the sterilization. Only officially registered organizations are allowed to participate in the market. Once the request is carried out, you will receive a proof of execution (e.g. photo taken during neutering, invoice of spaying, etc.) and will be able to evaluate them. I still encourage you to check the organisation by yourself by visiting their website, checking their reviews, etc. before sending your funds to them.

How do I know that my neutering request will be carried out?

You do not. It depends on the generosity of the funders and the availability of organizations willing to organize neutering. You can help by spreading the existence of this platform, motivating people to request and fund sterilizations and recruiting organizations willing to carry out sterilizations.

There are only a few items on the market...

The market started recently and it is still actively being developed. Please share our platform in your (social) network and encourage people to participate or contribute.