Privacy Exhibit of the Market

This marketplace (service) is running at a professional hosting provider. The services provider host the data within the EU and is GDPR compliant.
If you are a (neutering) Requester, we will collect your name, address, email and phone number. This information can be used by Providers to contact you to execute the neutering. The Market will use your email to identify you and send you automated email updates of your request(s).
If you are a (neutering) Funder, we will collect your email. This information will be used by the Market to identify you and send you automated email updates of your fundings(s).
If you are a (neutering) Provider, we will collect your organisational name, address, email, phone number, chamber registration number, website location, paypal and bank account information. This information will be shared with funders once they decide to fund a request. The Market will use the email address to provide registration and (login) services that will enable the Provider to handle neutering requests(s).
Completed requests will be kept for 1 year. After that they will be automatically cleaned.
Not completed requests will automatically be cleaned after 1 year of the last modification date.
During usage of the Market we collect technical information, like your IP address, login times and browser identification string. The technical information collected can be used for (accumulated) statistical reports or for investigations in case of abuse. Technical information will also be automatically cleaned after 1 year.
No tracking or marketing cookies are used by the Marketplace. The only cookies that are used are necessary for the technical working of the service.
You can contact us any time to get a copy of your collected personal data or request us to remove it before the 1 year expiration period.
Please also check out our Terms & Conditions to understand under which conditions you can use this service.