What is new?

12-06-2022Added functionality for Providers to move back Requests to the Marketplace if no payment is received within 5 days.
28-05-2022Added functionality to resend activation email.
10-04-2022Added review and rating functionality. Requesters and Funders can use it to provide feedback.
12-03-2022Replaced Russian with Ukrainian version.
17-02-2022Enabled multiple file uploads when raising or closing a request.
12-02-2022Improved request form. Possibility to view all own requests and cancel them in case not yet sponsored. Possibility to view all funded requests and many more improvements.
01-02-2022Added real-time market overview. 2 more providers onboarded.
28-01-2022First provider onboarded and first sterilization took place.
25-12-2021Finished (machine) translation. Front page is now optimized for mobile devices. Lots of fixes and improvements in the Request and Funder functions.
20-12-2021Marketplace went live and is functional. Still (machine) translating some parts from English to German, Bulgarian and Russian. Testing, fixing and adding new functionality in all my free time. Please register, use and spread the news :-)